We have been using Luqman and his company since early 2008 and we have never looked back. They have built a strategy and they delivered it. They also re-built our website and they optimised our website for all Google changes in place, our relationship was always based on friendship and good values and its been great since day first. If Luqman will accept and take your project, they will surely deliver it.

John – BM Coaches Ltd

A friend has suggested me about Luqman in 2008. I met him in their office in Wimbledon alongwith my wife and we agreed to go ahead with their SEO Services. The top 10 keywords we agreed were ranked on Google first 3 positions in less than 3 months time. It was great as the business was booming. We then improve our website as per suggested by them and today we rank on all keywords related to Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Luton Transfers. I still say to my friends, we should have not been where we are today without Luqman's hardwork. I would not hesitate suggesting Rankerz Ltd to my family and friends.

Norman – Low Fare Airport Cars London

I met Luqman in Istanbul, Turkey (Sultan ahmet) area whilst he was on holidays. He was a great guy to chat with. We had dinner together and we discussed our businesses. I run a huge portfolio of my car hire business nationwide and Luqman suggested me some really nice ideas which I never considered and was aware of. I sent him an email which he replied in a few hours and thats how it all started. He built our franchising business module and today we operate with just over 3000 vehicles across Australia with 1 central office in Central Sydney. From website to internet advertising and online Google marketing, they were truly spot on! It just got better every day and today we are the largest car hire business in Australia. This friendship is 5 years old and it's been great since day first!

John – Australia

We are a large manufacturer of seamless knitting machines and we had a great equipment but we could not sell it to the international market because of lack of experience in web and online marketing. Luqman was recommended by a friend in Istanbul, Turkey and I met him in Rome, Italia several years ago. He has built our local Italian and international websites dedicated for each country and its respective language. He has then helped our important keywords to be optimised on related bilingual search terms. Today we have the largest portfolio worldwide and that too selling to international world. We are seriously very pleased with all their hard-work. They still manage, update and optimise our websites and online marketing.

Varinelli – Italy

We have been working with Luqman and his colleagues since 2009. We started with a small link building campaign and it was well worth it. Our products compete with Microsoft and ranking such keywords on Google was a dream for our CEO's. Luqman and his company did in a short span of time. Which has dramatically decreased our PPC cost and increased the ROI. 5 years on, they manage all our content and online marketing strategy which includes link building, seo and digital marketing.

Dimitri Russia

I been informed about by Paul from Wakefield England. Who is also my business partner and heads UK market. A meeting was arranged in Madrid, Spain and I was very happy for Luqman to come that far. They have discussed the entire strategy and their steps forward. Our online medicine market is very competitive and we own just over 300 online web shops dedicated for each country and in their respective language. We had a SEO and PPC department in Madrid, Spain which was not reaching the targets. Luqman and his company delivered the results. We have known each other for 6 years and they are still spot on! If Luqman will take your project - He will deliver it, thats what I like the most about him.

Carlos Spain

I met Luqman from in Eindhoven, Holland whilst he was meeting my colleagues from a different business at European Business Centre. I was looking for a reliable SEO Company too for the businesses I head and Luqman seemed a perfect person to work with. Now it's been 7 years we were working together. We have became friends and they manage all our websites for local, nationwide and international search. If you see Luqman's email at 1-am in the morning, just do not be shocked, he works round the clock.

Bas Netherlands

I run designer asian clothing business. I have found through a local seminar in Huddersfield. I wanted a website design company to build a good online shop for me to sell our products online and this is where they stepped in. They were happy to come and see me each time I asked. They have suggested a domain name and they built a website which was good for mobile and desktop applications, resulting easy browsing and placing orders. We started with small ppc campaign which I was very happy with and then a month after they suggested an seo and social media marketing package. Now we have customers in 86 countries which should have not been the case without a correct web and marketing strategy in place.

Saira Khan – Manchester

Been recommended by a friend who have used mobile web design, ppc and seo services. I run an airport car hire company and their results have taken our business to the very next level. A lot more bookings online through our web and their provided mobile app. Higher search engine rankings on all keywords but also on the most complex keywords. They also write on our blog and they also look after all our social media marketing campaigns and we seriously cannot thank them enough - Online marketing in my opinion is the best method if it is done right by seo companies like

Steve – Washington DC

Been recommended by a local friend who have been using Rankerz Ltd and his business was doing really good on the web. I have been offered a great seo advice but most important the service. In a few months time their efforts were showing wonderful results. Lots of calls and emails via our website. These guys are seriously seriously good with their web seo marketing stuff. Would not hesitate to recommend to fellow Australian businessmen.

Bob – Australia

We teamed up for Google ppc campaign and then later seo services with Rankerz Ltd. We been already trading for just over 6 years in London but Rankerz was one of the good choice we made since we started. Their ppc and seo campaigns delivered wonderful results. They have later suggested building a website which was ready for mobile and is adjustable and is more safe. It was a good decision too we made. Now our ppc and seo is delivering even better results. We are on first page of Google UK for one of the most toughest travel and tourism related keywords.Kind regards, Mark Euro Travel, London

Mark London have been a great help for us to save on cost and outsource our seo projects to Rankerz. We have been working together for just over 5 years now and have found them very interesting but very smart also. They have always delivered what they promised and their link building and seo is unique.We have been visiting them in London and they have worked our office in Frankfurt, Germany several times and we trust them as one of our most reliable partner.Yulia Frankfurt, Germany

Yulia Germany

We have found in 2007 and since then we have together worked on thousands of projects. They are a really smart link building and seo company. They have/d always delivered rankings on one of the world's most difficult and tough keywords. We are so happy with their seo services and will keep on using them.Thank YouMarijn, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Marijn Netherlands

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